ARCs: Augmented Reality Criticisms


TRACE presents a compelling opportunity for scholars to investigate how multi-modal writing and critical public discourse intersect. As mobile computing continues its eventual merger with predicted advances in augmented reality (AR) technology, scholars should pursue novel strategies for creating and circulating public writing within this emerging medium. This TRACE project explores how writing with mobile AR tools can catalyze social awareness and action.

To create AR, writers overlay physical objects or locations with digital content (images, video, text, sound, etc.) made accessible through mobile device applications. Through TRACE’s multimodal publishing hub, scholars and students work together to create, distribute, and circulate AR projects. These projects, called Augmented Reality Criticisms (ARCs), encourage positive political and cultural change related to specific social issues. Through TRACE’s ARCs, indivduals can explore how writers use AR to modify and transform dominant narratives about objects, subjects, sites, and historical moments. Concurrently, TRACE ARCs are also academic projects that theorize and critique our understandings of materiality, space, and ownership by visualizing and reinventing the discursive boundaries surrounding these concepts. TRACE ARCs provide an aggregate site for the development and publication of critical augmented reality projects.


Current Projects:

SeeWorld: Visualizing Animal Captivity Practices at SeaWorld Orlando

Super PAC Scramble

Hitting the (Hyper)links: Augmenting Spectatorship at TPC


Death Drive(r)s: Ghost Bike (Monu)mentality

Augmenting Atlanta

Mobilizing P(AR)IS


For General Inquiries & Proposal Submissions, Contact:
Jacob Greene
Coordinator, TRACE ARCs
Department of English
University of Florida